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kat pls take my advice. ive gone through this all. i did try paxil one time and thatd be the last time!! it was the worst thing in my life!!! i paced my living rm for 3 hrs!!! i had to call the health line to make sure i was alive and id live through it!! it was the worst thing ever!! i threw them all in the garbage after that!! ive taken prozac and pretty much the same thing happened to me. ive tried zoloft and i got a physical allergic reaction to it but it did help me for a while so ive tried things here and there for yrs now. until i came across my "miracle" drug, celexa!! i had such little to no side effects and i react big time when it comes to meds! i take a half gravol and i am toast!!! even if i take a reg tylenol i feel high!! so i know ur concerns and i was very angry at my doc for giving me paxil, yes it works for some but not all! now when i took this med there were very little side effects. some included yawning, being tired, feeling a bit spacey in my head, but after 1 - 2 weeks there was nothing!! now im on a med - high dose and i dont even know it! please just try it for a couple of weeks. i know the things you are trying to help do to a certain point but alot of this is a chemical imbalance that these meds help with. ask the doc for some xanax or ativan to help u get over the couple of weeks on meds because it will be so worth it u dont even know. xanax, whilst helpful just masks the problem and ut sounds like u want to "cure" this. i really think u need to give something a try cause this wont go away on its own and its so simple to take care off! if u had a broken leg u wouldnt just sit and deal with the pain so get urself off to the doc and try this.

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