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HI cindy,
i agree with chuck's comments

paxil is merely 1 of many prozac type meds, a SSRI type antidepressant, paxil does have the reputation of being unusually difficult to stop, also the CR version is sometimes lots more expensive and I doubt its much or any better than ordinary paxil, I would take ordinary prozac, its been the most researched one of all these meds, it was the first and I doubt any of the later ones are any better, if an antidepressant works for you it will reduce or maybe stop your panic attacks

there are a few psychiatrists who specialise in panic attacks and you will be surprised to learn that they all prefer valium. Its their first choice, but since valium comes as a generic, theres almost no money to be made from this info so the drug companies do their best to keep it hidden

the therapist hopefully will be giving you advice on what to do when hit by a panic attack
I suggest you accept it and relax, dont tense up or fight back, dont pretend it isnt happening, breathe deep and slow and wait for it to pass
many sufferers carry a few valium tablets with them when out and disolve 1 under the tongue, this will reduce and shorten any panic attack

theres been a huge amount of rubbish publicised about valium, addiction, etc, mainly its said this is by the drug companies so they can sell their very profitable antidepressants for panic attacks instead

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