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I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder almost 8 years ago and went through a really rough time until I found the right meds - I take Klonopin (Clonazepam) 1 mg twice a day - through that time I also add Paxil in when I start to become depressed and the Klonopin doesnt work as well. I am fully functional and have not had a panic attack in a very long time. I do feel anxious at times but usually work myself through it.

My daughter is 12 and a few years ago went through a stage where she was afraid to spend the night with anyone. I thought it was just a "stage" she was going through. Since Christmas break, she has had several full blown panic attacks, is very tearful, doesnt want to be away from me, even though my husband is at home, she calls me at work hysterical, she is afraid of anything and everything unless she is really engrossed in some sort of activity. Tonight she called me at work crying again, wanting me to come home, well, obviously I couldnt but I talked her down a bit. I am wondering if being on Christmas break is part of it because she is at home alone between the time I leave for work and my husband gets here. She always has a friend with her but she still freaks out. My husband and I are separating also and she says she is not going to be upset about this but I dont know whether she is in the early midst of actual panic disorder. My mother has it and is agoraphobic, she refuses to use meds. My daughters biological father has it and I also. Sensibility says to me, yes she does and I need to get her seen right away before things get any worse, but part of me wants to see if it will subside on its own. Im afraid of her starting meds at such a young age and cannot find a lot of information regarding children with the disorder. Im hoping to find someone here, who has a child around this age and has gone through something similar, and please give advice as to meds, therapy whatever. I know my illness but remember the fear when it began at the age of 25, I cant imagine the fear at 12. She is aware that I have it also. Please help...Thank you

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