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Hi hry33, It is always a pleasure to read your comments. You seem to be a real professional :) . I am very happy with the KlonopinWafers from the first day on. I might have choosen the right doc or just had luck. The Wafers just disolve in your mouth in a second. No bad taste, nothing. The dose is very low (0,25mg) and my doc set me on 4 a day to keep me calm over the whole day. It worked absolutly well. I felt a little tired the first 3 days and was not sure with driving, but after this few days I felt great, attack free and fresh and concentrated enough to drive and have a normal day. Sometimes I think that I am a little worse on short term memory, but I had the same problem before and it might be imaginated. I am on clonazepam for 2 and a half month now and I even forgot to take them for a whole day during the holidays, because I had the house full of people and it made no difference. I just took the next one as soon as I noticed it. Since I take KlonopinWafers I am attack free, I had only a few days where I felt a little anxious or unwell, but I was able to control it. I am also taking Restoril (temazepam) for the night (30mg at the moment). We started with a lower dose but I had some nights, where I woke up to early and was not able to fall asleep again, so I was to tired during the day. But with the 30mg now it works well. My doc explained to me that it is better to keep me calm 24/7 for a while to get back inner balance and find a way to get rid of the panic attacks. He usually is trying to lower the dose and slowly get ppl off of clonazepam after one year. I might be able to do it sooner because I really feel well with meditation and tai chi. I am trying a low carb, diary free, meat free (I still eat chicken and fish) diet (macrobiotic). I also avoid sugar, chokolate and caffein. No alcohol! Of course, it is not allowed with the medication :nono: . By the way my husband found a website where they explain the connection of diet and anxiety. I knew there must be a connection because of the chemistry in the brain that causes the attacks and that you can have a influence on the neurotransmitters. I already checked all physical possiblilities like blood, thyroid, hormons[COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]
I started with oilpainting again and it lookes like I will be fine. And this website, of corse. I think it is so helpful to talk about the disorder with other ppl and to help them with advices.
The Claire Weekes book might be old but all she is writing is still working: accepting, let it float and wait. Just loose the fear of the fear. It is always a little hard for my to read the stuff about our PAs because I am german, only 1 yaer in the country and in the language now, but I try to do my best.
The family thing is a little wirred, some are talking about generell bad nerves in the family others are talking about a kind of copying. I am not sure what it is but I don`t think it is genetic. And therapy is really not made for anxiety ppl. Everybody who tried therapy :eek: I`v talked to are telling me, it didn`t help at all.
Hope to hear from you soon, hry33 Greetings from Klonopin :wave:

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