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I can totally relate to how you feel. For a minute i thought i was reading one of my own posts!

I have a few posts in the anxiety board which explains my situation if you wana read them, because they are too long to write again!

I dont think ive ever experienced a full on panic attack but regularly feel very anxious, nevous and dizzy and scared to death that im gonna pass out, have a heart attack or die.

It all started when i noticed i had a strong, fast heart rate. A few days later out with mates i had chest pains and heart rate of 150 and was rushed to hospital. I had all the tests and all negative. I couldnt accept that there was nothing wrong with me because i felt so bad.

Im still having tests done now and all are coming back clear so anxiety is being blamed.

Everytime i go out to bars and clubs i have a fast heart rate of like 130, i get red hot, lightheaded and dreamy. I feel like im gonna pass out or that my heart is going to pack in becuase its beating so fast.

I stay like this all the time im out and i can never enjoy myself. (Im 20 y/o m by the way) I can never get the thoughts of passing out and dying out of my head.

I have also thought ive had every disease under the sun. If i have a pain in my stomach i will check it out on the net, then all of a sudden i will find a symptom of stomach cancer is a sharp pain. Then my mind goes crazy and i convince myself ive got cancer. I think ive has: brain tumours, aids, blood clots, etc... all of which are in my head!

I am trying to convince myself i have anxiety, possibly social, and that is all. You CAN NOT DIE from anxiety. If you do feel like you are on the verge of passing out then think of it this way. If you do pass out then in this time your body will return to normal. Your heartrate will reduce , your temperature will balance and you will feel better.

A lot of anxiety is in the head. The brain can trick you and mess you around. There was once a case where a guy was sure he was paralysed. He wasnt at all and his legs were fine, but by thinking he was, he eventually lost the use of his legs.

Always think possitive, you arent going to die from this condition. When an attack comes just relax and ride it through.

Read the posts on the anxiety boards. I find them really helpful.

When you finally do die (of old age) aged 95 with 14 great grand kids, im sure you will go somewhere you want to be.

Best of luck - Rich

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