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Mine started out after having a bad car accident with my 3 yr old daughter in the backseat. Someone ran through a light at an intersection and hit me on the passenger side. We were hit so hard that my daughter was completely thrown out of the car through the side window, my car rolled over, slid across the street and hit another car. Not going into anymore details with this except to say she is an adult now and she too suffers from panic disorder.
After the accident it became increasingly difficult for me to drive. I was petrified of intersections and tried to avoid them. I freaked if the light turned red and I had to sit there in the car and wait for the light to change. I would roll down the windows, crank up the radio, sing, anything to try and escape the panic, only to find out later that was the worst thing I could have done! Bridges, freeways, elevators, stores. You name it. Anything that I felt I had no control over.
Some more hints here: Stay away from anything with caffeine. It will aggravate your symptoms
Make sure you get enough sleep. Being overly tired with also aggravate symptoms.
Remember this.......... RECOVERY lies in the PLACES and EXPERIENCES you avoid!!!!! NEVER RUN AWAY from such places or experiences. They are your salvation, because recovery truly lies in them. I eventually learned to react differently. It's hard at first because you are basically trying to cure a sort of a habit in the way that you react. Remember also that you didn't get this way overnight and it's not going to go away overnight. I started thinking of the "panic" as sort of the boogyman in the closet that would come out and scare me without warning. Instead of running scared, I learned to get mad at it and yell, " OK! COME ON!!! DO YOUR THING YOU S.O.B., THEN LEAVE ME ALONE!" At first it was kind of like riding a roller coaster with waves of intensified panic, but the more I stood up to it, the less intensified it came, and over a period of weeks it went away. I thought of it as getting through a storm and knowing that PEACE is on the other side.
It took months for me to figure this out by the way.
Prior to this, if I went into a store I panicked, so then I would avoid the store. Then the car situation got so bad that my mother had to drive me to work. The doctor [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]gave me xanax, which helped, but you have to realize that you have to find out the core of the problem. That's where counseling helped. Alot of times panic stems from some life altering experience such as a death in the family, change of jobs, illness... etc. In my case it was alot of anger I had pent up for many years from a previous marriage and the car accident intensified it. I was basically a pressure cooker just waiting to explode. It is like having too many plugs that are plugged into a light socket and it shorts out.
I'm hoping that I'm making some sense to anyone hear that is suffering from panic.
These things which I have told you are really some very important keys to unlocking the problem. I hope I have helped.


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