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I slowly started having panic attacks over a month ago after after 28 years of no symptoms. It started very slowly over time. Usually when I'd smoke pot. At first I'd just get high and feel uncomforteable then it got worse over a period of 3 months building into full blown panic a month ago. The worst was I was addicted to the drug that was causing my panic attacks. So I would feel crappy till I smoked pot only to feel worse.

Then the panic attacks started happening during the day, at odd times. Just reading about panic attacks (like this forum) would cause one. SMoking a cig, drinking coffee, or driving down the road and hearing a funny noise coming from my car. All things Ive done for years. I was convinced my heart was failing.

After several E-room visits and cardiolgists I discovered my heart was fine. It was panic. During this all I have since quit pot, cigarettes, coffee (I can still drink soda just not a huge amount.) Small amounts of xanax have really saved my sanity.

Well after a month of clean living the Panic Attacks are very rare. I feel better than I have in a long time actually. I can now normally talk myself out of a panic attack when I feel one coming. I have gone from 2 a day to going an entire week without one.

Well I go to a checkup visit to my doctor and I told her I was feeling great and she tells me my heart is fine all the tests came back good. She then tries to convince me into taking Zoloft! Im like NO. I feel fine. She then spends 20 minutes trying to talk me into it. I couldnt believe it. I told her I wasnt depressed. She tells me what a miracle drug it is. I refused. I've heard too many bad stories and my body is very sensitive to any meds.

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