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Hey all,

I have been doing the same thing as all of you. It really sucks (I'm 20). I had a health scare and now it's like I can't return to normal. I went into hospital with blood pressure 110/150 and a pulse rate of 155bpm. I wasn't thinking about anything stressful but I felt sick. They brought my bp back down to 130/90 which is still really high for me, but my pulse is still up there. I sit down or lie and it's 90bpm, then I sand up and it goes up to like, 120 bpm. I've had every test done liver, kidney, gall bladder, bladder, abdominal scans, MRI, full blood work, CT scan of everything and there is not much medically wrong with me (other than an autoimmune defciency.) What would everyone here recommend. DOc thinks I have panic disorder. Also, do you ever get back to your old self (active, happy, energetic) after being diagnosed with this? The doc wants to see if I can sort out my panic disorder myself, before she puts me on meds, but every day I wake up and feel shocking and automatically get panicked (It REALLY HURTS MY ABS TO STAND AND WALK) I've gone from being able to be on my feet for 15 hours or more to getting exhausted physically and mentally walking to the bathroom. I HATE THIS> I'm really miserable at the moment. What can I DO TO HELP MYSELF??? WHAT DRUGS ACTUALLY WORK. I have had depersonalisation from this, and I don't know how to get rid of that either.

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