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For years I have noticed that if I eat something close to bedtime, I will have rapid heartbeats. Alot of times I'll wake up and several times in fear that Im dying and very jumpy, relief only comes after I can finally have a bowel movement. About a month ago I went to work and at lunch went and had Sesame Chicken w/white rice and a diet pepsi. After going back to work I felt a bit over stuffed, sluggish and had an accelerated heart rate, when my shift was ending I felt like I needed a bowel movement but couldnt go, so at the end of my shift I began to really feel light headed and almost like I was gonna pass out, as I walked a burining tingling pins and needles feeling ran up my arms primarily my left arm and into my jaw where my gums began to feel a throbbing slight pain, It scarred me and I told my supervisor that I think I need an ambulance, I thought I was dying, the ambulance came and the symptoms left, only to return several times, I told the hospital that I was recently put on paxil for anxiety, they took my Blood pressure and gave me an Ativan to calm my nerves and didn't bother testing me for any heart problems, they told me I was having a panic attack, I tryed using the bathroom and only managed to have a small bowel movement, after about 2 hrs I told them I wanted to leave. The next day I went to my doctor, and he prescribed me some xanax and also said that I was having a panic attack, I failed to mention that I felt I needed a bowel movement but couldn't, tonight I over did it with food, and felt I needed a bowel movement but resisted going until I was able to get home, the same symptoms returned and I came home and had a large loose bowel movement and took a xanax for my nerves. Im gonna go back to my Dr. and tell him about this problem and ask his opinion, the question I have is this a sign of IBS or Panic disorder? Im will also post this on the IBS board. thankyou!

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