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My first few were about 7. I've had one 10 and it scared me to death. It's the only time I TRULY believed I was going to die (stroke or heart attack). You're so right about the fear & thought of panic being the fuel causing them. I'm pretty sure that's why I have had the one's I've had after the 10.
I've been on zoloft 12.5mg for about 2 weeks now & am starting to feel better. I've been able to make the last 2 panic attacks I've had go away with out xanax.. I just learned the right breathing technique & it made them go away in under 1/2 a minute. Mine usually last from 30 minutes to 2 hours so, 30 seconds or so is great!!! I'd rate those last 2 panic attacks between 1 & 3. I only say 3 because I'm still stuck with the "fear" of having a bad one & even a small one makes that fear grow.

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