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I am 37 year old and It's been horrible time for last 2 years. I have been having these panic attack and everytime I get them I fear this might be the heart attack. I have gone to urgent care probably 12 times and everytime they had done EKG and couple of times blood test and chest X-Ray. They have been normal. I also tried using heart monitor where you can record any abnormal heart beats and send it over the phone to the cardiology dept. They have reported I had missed heat beats, but the doc says they are nothing to worry about and can happen in anxiety/panic and with normal people too.

I have seen cardiologist who think I don't have heart problems, although he did not ao any additional tests and said no need to do any tests for heart related problems. However whenever I get these attacks I get sacred this time it may be real heart problem. I am losing faith and think the doctor may be wrong or whether I need additional testing like stress tests or eco cardiogram, but again I think whether that will clear my mind or not. This is an endless loop. My primary care physician thinks there is no question of heart disease and he thinks if there has been any problem it would have shown up in any EKG since I have gone to urgent care numerous times and have been seen by different doctors who take EKG and tell nothing is wrong. At times I think EKG may not show up heart related problems since the panic attack mostly gets over by the time I reach the urgent care.

Has anyone gone through this before and felt something like this?, I don't know how to convince my mind. Everytime I get these attacks I try to do little excercise to drive away the fear, but it does not help all the time as the attack really scare you. I also feel constant muscle tension in my chest, back and neck and that also scares me a lot, a missing beat, gas in the stomach or lying on the left side of my body scares me and heart beats in weired way. I don't know what's the connection between IBS, gas problems or heart palpitations, missed hear beats.

I suffered from hypochondria in the past, so I ma just wondering this fear of hear attack or ilness is overlapping panic attack and making it worse..


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