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Thanks for the responses guys. I was wondering. I'm kind of going in there due to the severe anxiety panic that goes along with my IBS. I mean I think a lot of my IBS issues stem from my panic/anxiety problems.

Truthfully the one medicine that has worked when I have BAD days is Xanax.

I only have taken it as needed.... I had one prescription for 20 .25mg pills and it lasted me a year. So obviously I'm taking them in extreme circumstances.

I've got to be careful with the anti-depressants that I take. SSRI'S are used in IBS patients that have constipation because they can cause diarrhea. Tri-cyclics are used in patients with the diarrhea side of IBS because of their potential for constipation. The only one that worked for me was Tofranil(tri-cyclic) to help with my IBS.

I know its not the best idea to go into a psych and say give me another script for Xanax.

But is there a proper way I could go about telling him about how much it has been a lifesaver at times. Maybe not the specific medicine, but just the "benzo class" medicine? Cuz I know hry33 and a lot of you guys say the newer doctors are so quick to just shove anti-depressants down your throat and kinda send you on your way. I mean, I'll go back on another anti-dep. cuz I'm sure thats what they'll wanna put me on anyways. I'd prefer another go at Tofranil, but I really would like to get a script for a benzo as needed, because those pills can work wonders when you are really going through an anxiety/IBS episode.

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