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Well I will start by saying I am certainly NO expert and only have I recently been suffering from increased anxiety and panic attacks. However, it sounds like you do have some extreme pre-menstrual syndrome. Yes hormonally related, and it would be nice if a doctor would acknowledge and treat you around this.

I can tell you from my own experience that prior to my monthly cycle I become EXTREMELY emotional. The silliest things will set me off in to tears (i.e., mistaken mustard on an ordered sandwich had me bawling). I will be irritable, short tempered and just down in the dumps. Once my cycle starts, my hormones balance and this all passes.

I know there are "herbal remeidies" out there and things that are supposed to help with naturally aiding those during the PMS stage. If you truly want to go the natural route, I would look into visiting your local health food store (i.e., Whole Foods) and speak to a individual that works specifically in the supplement section. They should be able to potentially recommend supplements or other concepts to assist you during that type period. I know it can be extremely difficult to deal with and I certainly hope this has helped you perhaps just a teeny bit. I wish you the best of luck in finding your solution!

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