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Just wondering how many of you are in the same boat.

I have had Panic Attacks for the past 10 years now. I'm a 28 year old male and over the past ten years I have had good and bad bouts with anxiety. For a while, I went almost 5 years without having a panic attack and anxiety seemed like a different life for me. Everything was pretty good until about 5 months ago. I decided to try and come off of Paxil. Over the next 2 monts I tapered the paxil under my dr.s supervision and went through absolute HELL.

Finally I was Paxil-free and I actually felt good. After about 3 weeks completely off the drug I had a HUGE panic attack and began to have them regulary again, sometimes 4 or 5 a day. I went back to my dr and asked him for something else because I could NEVER go through Paxil withdrawl agian. He put me on 50mg of Zoloft a day and wrote me a script for Xanax (I still havent got the balls to try the Xanax).

So I've been on the Zoloft for about 12 weeks now with absolutely no relief. I still have panic attacks regulary (2 or 3 a week) but my depression is way out of control.

I have never felt this low in my life. I really hate myself . I'm self employed (photographer) and I havent done any jobs in weeks because I can hardely get out of bed some days. I have lost interest in just about everything. I really feel Im at the end of my rope . I havent cried in almost 6 years, and Im now crying every day. I just want it to end.

I have my first ever meeting with a phsychiatrist tomorrow. I really hope he/she can help me with my depression and anxiety or, I dont know what. Ive never felt this helpless, depressed, useless and hopeless in my life.

So, do you guys/girls suffer from depression like this when your having bad bouts of anxiety? Usually, I am very happy when there is no anxiety and I just want to know if this is normal.


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