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Hi I'm new here and this is my long first post. I decided to try and find a place where I can share with and meet people who are having simular problems as me.

Back in June I suffered from a couple panic attacks that I haven't recovered from yet. I've been seeing my therapist and I used to take lexapro but now I take zoloft. But still I feel symptoms of panic. I've been wondering if I should take xanax, klonopin or ativan or something?

The first time I had my panic attack was when I was with my girlfriend. We laid down for some time together when all of a suddenly I just started to feel really terrible. I felt my adrenaline go up and my libido go down as if something was terribly wrong. I felt very uncomfortable all over, feeling chills through out my body and achy. I just started feeling dread and felt like I wanted to die. I was finally able to calm myself down but my mind had no idea what the problem was. A week went by and It was the night before I was going to leave to see my girlfriend since I can only see her on weekends. I was thinking about the drive and also thinking about the attack I had the week before. This caused another panic attack worse then the first one. I had no idea what was going on. I was starting to think my girlfriend was a problem. But that didn't make any sense how can someone that I loved so much a few weeks ago now be causing me so many problems?

I decided to do some research and realized that I was suffering from panic disorder. I have been very stressed out lately and my attack bottled all up at the wrong moment. For a month I've been getting head aches, pressure in my head, increased cold sweats, flushing in my face, heart pounding, feeling really nervous guitly and tired. And can't stop thinking about problems that aren't even existant.

I learned that the main point of panic disorder is fearing another panic attack. And that your mind will associate the cause of panic with what you were doing at the time. I was with my girlfriend at the time so now my mind won't stop associating her with panic. It's coming down to a month and a half later and I know it's silly to associate her with my problems, in fact it's starting to piss me off, but my mind still gets nervous when I drive to go see her or when Im having an intimate moment with her, or thinking about it. I feel really guilty when I look at other girls and feel terrible after I masterbate. I don't want to lose my great relationship with her over my stupid problems. I've been seeing my doctor and taking medication but it doesn't seem to be working or working fast enough. How do I get these fears or panic out of my head and make them a thing of the past. I just want to go back to normal again. Anyone have any tips pointers on dealing with fears and panic attacks. Any help would be appreciated.

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