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I am experienceing alot of symptoms that are so random, and are ruining my life. I am 15 and I have enough stresses already. I have been diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder but I cant help but believe things are worse, and that I am going to die! Does anyone else have symptoms like these? Please let me know, thanks. :)
numbness/tingling in left arm, hand, and bicep
always concious of heartbeat
difficulty breathing
tingling in my head, and tension in my temples and headaches
mild nausea
unable to sleep no matter how exhausted I am
hot flashes
feels like my heart slows down and then speeds up
my chest feels hollow like im going to fall to pieces
feel like i have to cry
feel the urge to move around
feel the urge to be in running water, and constantly drink water
intense fear of pain and death and unknown
fear of being alone
general feeling of uneasiness throught everday of my life
feeling that everyday is the least day of my life

I hope that someone can tell me if they can relate, especially to the numbness in the left hand and arms. Please let me know. Thanks :)

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