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Have you had any allergy tests? I was finally tested for allergies and am allergic to everything they tested me for!! When I started taking antihistamines my panic attacks nearly went away!! I used to have panic attacks walking down the detergent- cleaner aisle at wal-mart! I think it was all the chemicals and smells overwhelming me and causing a reaction in me that made my heart speed up which in turn caused the panic!! I was housebound for a month with panic but I have 5 kids and did not want to live like that! I went to a counselor and learned some relaxation techniques. I am on zoloft and clarinex and am now back in college! I couldn't drive to the corner store before and am driving 3 times a week now to school 20 miles away. I believe there are some other reasons people have "panic" besides the panic itself. GOOD LUCK!

P.S. I had had this for years off and on and finally got so bad I had to do something. If you suspect something else (allergies etc.) is underlying talk to your doctor, they do not know what is going on with you if you don't tell them all the symptoms! My ent listens much better than my family doc, you need to find someone who wont pass all your symptoms off as panic! Once they know you are on zoloft,etc they tend to think all your symptoms are"imaginary" and in some cases they have a basis in fact! You are the only one that can stick up for you!

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