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well, here is my story. i began having severe panic attacks about 5 months ago and they began when i awakened every single day. as soon as my eyes would open i would feel the panic start to come on and i would be so scared out of my mind. i would have this terrible feeling of impending doom and hated to wake up. nothing i could do except ride it out every day and it would last about 2 hours. it would make me so sick the rest of the day and i became very depressed. i felt suicidal. i was not able to eat and lost 20 lbs. in less than amonth. I began researching adrenal fatigue and had every symptom, there's alot about it online. i knew i had it so i went to an ND and was diagnosed with a saliva test. quite a cheap test taken with 4 samples of spit over a 24 hour period to show what the adrenal glands are doing. mine are not working correctly as i had a poor diet for years, have alot of stresssors, had been thru the death of my sister, being in debt, and staying up late for years, never getting an adequate amount of sleep. it finally came to a place that i crashed and i ended up having hypoglycemia as that often goes along with adrenal problems and that in itself causes panic. fluctuations in blood sugar is a big panic causer. stabilizing mine helped calm the panic i was having in the morning. this has taken a long time and i still have to take clonazapam at night to rest as i have terrible insomnia. a symptom of adrenal fatigue. even though i began feeling a bit better i would still experience panic and anxiety, sometimes worse than others. finally i had a blood test showing that i was sensitive to all kinds of foods. when i cut out all these different foods, my panic lessened even more. if i eat wrong now i get them back. food sensitivities are also common with adrenal problems. this has all come from alot of research time and i believe i have had AF for years, but it got to a very bad point. i was abusing my body. i have always had very bad pms and my panic increases around my period. i am careful with my diet and take alot of supplements. i go to bed at 10 pm every night and use clonazapam like i said so i can rest well and get stronger. i am getting better, but it is a slow process. look up adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion and see if you have any of the symptoms. you very well may. alot of people have it and don't know it.

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