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Re: Lorazapan
Oct 14, 2005
Lorazepam is the generic form of Ativan. I use it for anxiety and to control BP spikes. For me it has worked wonders. My script was for 1mg. When I took it infrequently(or as needed) 1/2 mg did the trick. Now I take it daily~and if I am at home with no stresses~1/2 mg still works. But if I have to go somewhere or have activities that are stressful and hurried~I need to take 1mg. For something very upsetting like my Uncle's funeral back in August,I used 1 1/2 mgs. The only side effect I notice is a little drowsiness~but that is lessened if you stay up and busy. Try not to lay down or nap~because the med does not metabolize as well. You may also get a slight headache when you first start to take them. A helpful tip from me to you:it usually takes one hour for the med to kick in~So I seem to have the best results if I take it on an empty stomach and then once the hour has passed I eat a small snack and the med works better/longer that way. It seems like the more food that is eaten with it(in that first hour or two) lessens it's effectiveness. For me it does~but we are all different.
Good Luck :)RR

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