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since 6:30am. I woke took a shower and then it started. I was lightheaded, the left side of my face feels numb and weak, my left arm feels weak and my left leg. I am moveing them fine, hold them in the air fine (yea I look like a moron doing it though), I am freaking out!! My left eye feels weird too, though I looked in the mirror and it all looks fine.

***!!!!!!!!! I am at work, I cannot take my xanax cause it makes me sleepy. I keep thinking I am having a Stroke.

Has anyone else felt like this. I keep telling myself, that this has been going on since 6:30am, that is 3 hours ago, if it were a stroke I would think it would have happened by now. And I have seen someone having a TIA and they couldn't move at all, I can move all limbs.

I think I am loosing it I really do.
Hey Tammy, I know this post is going to find you late and you'll be over that specific episode. But I had to let you know that I have had the exact same sensations that you are experiencing and I'v not had a stroke nor do i expect to have one...It started with the numb face about a year ago and then moved on to the leg and arm. I dont know if i should mention this, but the tension also affects my tongue! It feels like it is being drawn to the left side of my mouth which can cause speech problems. And finding out through recived knowlege and not expert medical advice that this can suggest a brain tumor was almost to much. I dont know exactly what caused it and it just dosent matter, If i went searching for a medical explanation and found out that it was a harmles side affect of stress my anxiety would just find another terrifying way to manifest its self, in the physical as it were (I'v had to many to mention). You just[B] have to belive [/B] and i mean [B]really[/B] belive that you are absoultly fine. The relife that comes from just letting all your worries go is profound although not easy and requires monumental courage. If you didn't have the tongue thing before and you develop it after reading this essay...i apologize. But it will go to prove that mere suggestion can bring on new symptoms and that your senseations are just psychosomatic and not physical.
I know every one is different and that they can act as a crutch during the tuff times but your recovery will not come from drugs alone. Ultimately they wont make you better only you can do that, as, on some level your actually doing this to your self with fear. The drugs wont change that they will just numb (no pun intended) the fear until the next time and it could go on for years.

Good luck although you wont need it.

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