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Yeah I have tried Klonopn Wafers... They don't compare to Xanax at all, in my opinion.

Klonopin seemed like a sugar pill, Xanax actually works.

Yeah, well.. I didn't do it to pass out ya know.. It was late at night anyways. But since it was really bad, I needed a larger dose.

I believe when Xanax was studying XR they had people taking 6mg/day.

So that's like 6X what I took!

My dentist gives people Valium before fillings, it really is more sedating than the others...

but a large enough dosage of any of them will provide more relief....

i think that 1mg is definitely in the safe range.... heck I could be taking 3mg/day if I wanted to.. but don't...

especially if you have a tolerance to them...

I would definitely recommend it.

Always talk to your doctor though, I'm not a doctor... just a dang sufferer! I have IBS, too... So the combination of the two... Whoaaaa, makes it difficult sometimes!

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