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A little about my success story.

My panic/anxiety disorder started after a bad trip on extacy.
The first couple of years were awful, probably alot like your experiancing now.
Many people are different in their symptoms but the main one's are the one's that scare you the most.
After about 2 years I got sick of it and sick of medication.
So I went ahead and got off the zoloft I was taken which was an exceedingly high amount and of course I had all the withdrawal symptoms with that but at that time I didn't care, I just went through it.
After that was gone I started thinking more about what panic and anxiety Really is.
To me, it was nothing but me, i was causing it and I was the one who made it worse than it actually was. This is also an ongoing research about panic disorder.
One day I had a panic attack and I made it as worse as I could, I was saying some awful things to myself, really egging it on to do it's got really bad and fast the more things I thought of (like dying, going crazy, deseases, all kinds of stuff), and I did this on purpose to learn the nature of panic.
The more and more I thought about it and the more I though of different causes, deseases, death, and many others it got worse and worse.
Finally it went away because I pretty much wore myself out, after which I wrote down what had happened because I couldn't think about it and reflect on it right then because I was so exausted and fell asleep.
The moment I woke up and read what I wrote down is when I started reflecting on it.
First, what caused me to panic in the first place...from what I remember it had something to do with an everyday anxiety symptom, rather it was chest pain or whatever.
Second, why did I panic over chest pain...because I made myself conciously think about the pain in my chest and over exagurate on it thinking it was a heart attack or whatever.
Third, why did I continue to panic...because when you start to panic you get more symptoms from the fight or flight response, which I gave a list to the moderator which is stickied at the top of this forum. The more symptoms I got the more irrational thinking began...just look at the list of symptoms and think about other causes that can give you those symptoms.
Fourth, why did it stop...because I was tired and couldn't continue to think about the symptoms and became tired and went to sleep.

So after long reflecting on this, I decided that I was causing my panic attacks and nothing else, the first symptom you get rather it's from a sensation in the body or a irrational thought in your mind is where the panic starts. I began to think before reacting to these symptoms or sensations.
I began to talk to others about sensations and symptoms and irrational thoughts (people without panic disorder) and asked them how they coped with it....pretty much all of them said "I didn't cope with them they just went away."
Ok, so obviously they felt it at first, but paid them no mind and that's why they went away. So everyone on this planet has the same symptoms, sensations or irrational thoughts but do not greive over them.
So why should I/we? After a couple of months of thinking before reacting to symptoms/sensations or irrational thoughts they started to come less and less. Then at a turning point, I had a really bad symptom or sensation (don't remember) and of course my mind automatically focused on it....but then it was gone and I was already thinking of something else, WITH NO EFFORT.
So the thinking before reacting didn't matter anymore, I had done it so much that it became a habit. i also believe that panic is a habit, you build it up so much in your mind over time that it just becomes a habit to think about it.
So for me, the habit of thinking before reacting changed my habit of reacting before thinking (panic).
It's now 2 years later and I have a little anxiety now and then but no panic...and anxiety is perfectly normal in everyone's life.

Fear of panic only leads to the fear of fear itself.
There is nothing to fear.

Thanks and everyone will have their turning point, the only question to ask yourself is...."Do I want to live normal again?"

Good Luck :D

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