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I will start from the beginnning...

After a drinking session one weekend, I got onto a bus to venture home. Was feeling fine, wasnt worrying about anything etc.. Next thing I know my heart started racing, my hands started shaking and sweating, felt light headed and thought i was going to pass out on the bus. Worried that I was going to make a total fool of myself, I tried to ignore it and for about 40 mins, I counted everything that i could see onthe way home to take my mind off it. By the time I got off the bus I was a total state and went home and lay down and felt awful for about two days. Was this a panic attack? As i'm too scared to go to the doctors I havent been. anyway that was months and months ago, To cut a long story short after a while I was doing alright again and felt like I was getting back to my normal self. Then in september my daughter and I was involved in a car accident, wasnt my fault, the guy pulled out of a junction and smashed into us. Well in the back of the ambulance and I had a full blown panic attack, pins and needles in my arms and legs so i couldnt move etc.. As I smashed my head I suffered from serve headaches every day for about 3 weeks, I did go to the doctors and he said this was normal. but they subsided and I was feeling fine for a wee while. anyway I was driving the hire car, when I suddenly came over all funny at traffic lights, not wanting to look like a fool again, I drove round to my blokes house, it seem to calm down a little but then smack, it was back, I couldnt breath, and felt light headed and at one point he was going to take me to the hosptial but I didnt want to go. anyway ever since then I seem to worry about every little pain I have & I have been suffering from strange headaches , ringing ears and in the last few days I feel sick but have not been sick plus I feel worried all the time about doing things. there are many more symptons that I have been having, Like i worry about going on buses now, and I hate being left on my own. Some days I'm fine other I'm not, Am I just suffering from panic attacks, was that incident onthe bus just a panic attack?? I worry that there is something major wrong with me, but I'm terrified of doctors/hospitals, etc. I dont like making a fuse, or wasting the doctors time, which is another reason why i havent been yet. Sorry if this doesnt make much sense, but I'm not really sure how to explain it all. :confused:

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