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I took a new job last November. I had worked for 16 years for the local School Department and accepted this job to try to improve my finances and make a better life for me, my wife, and 11 year old son. I was a Custodian for the School Dept. and made decent money in that job. After 16 years I was in pain everyday from panic, anxiety, depression, and arthritis. I took the new job after serious thought, I have severe OCD, so obviously I didn't do anything hasty. Anyways I went for 6 interviews for the Company. I always asked what the job entailed, I was told I'd be working on the Production floor as a Manufactutring Process Operator. I asked all kinds of questions but never was told exactly what the work environment was. The Company is a Biotech Drug Company and they are running a very high secrity operation. After resigning from my job for the $10,000 pay increase I found out what my new job was after 6 weeks of training.
I work a rotating swing shift, meaning I work 3 days from 7 am to 7 pm, then 2 days off, then work 2 days from 7 pm to 7am, then 3 days off, and it keeps rotating. I knew this but the work environment is what destroyed me.
I have to fully gown up to go down into the so called suite where the drug is made. By gowning up I have to wear a full white suit over my clothes with a hair net cover and a mask half the time. After going down the 3 flights of stairs to the suite I am stuck there with no windows no fresh air no way to leave. When in the suite we cannot drink or eat anything, chew gum, go to the bathroom, Nothing. If you have to pee you have to go up 3 flights degown do your business and regown. Like I said I work a 12 hour shift and get 1 break at about 11 and then a lunch break at 3.
I have been on Klonopin for 16 years and suffer from anxiety, I was having constant panic on the job and panic attacks everyday, usually 5 or 6 a day since staring this job. I last worked March 11'th when I ran out of there in extreme panic, with every symptom in te book and very severe. I wanted tear my white suit off bt managed to get to a gray area where this can be done within the Companies guidelines.
I've been out of work since and know I can't go back and work down in the mineshaft like environment. My anxiety is bad now, worse than its been in years, I worry all day about how I'm going to work, where I'm going to work and so on. I left a job that was paying me $17.00 an hour which I was able to live on to better myself but now I just feel so used and screwed. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome please. Sorry for the long story, but I had to tell alot of facts. Right now I'm at odds with my wife and my son is unfortunateky seeing some of this. My marriage isn't terribly strong and this is not helping a thing. I also see a divorce looming as I may loose my house if I can't find a decent job. I'm seeing a couple counselors and psychiatrist and I'm on 3 mg of Klonopin a day and 100 mg of Luvox for 3 weeks now.
Thank You, Dave.

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