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the fastest way to get anxiety relief from any valium type med is to disolve a tablet under the tongue, this bypasses the stomach and gives help sooner, dont swallow for a while
see sublingually on the net

klonapin wafers and niravam are 2 benzos specially designed for being disolved in the mouth for anxiety relief but all the others are helpful, niravam is fairly new and has the ingredient of xanax in it, these arent available everywhere

many of us fear the sudden and unexpected onset of anxiety or a panic attack, with the difficulty of escaping from the situation

by carrying a few tablets with you whenever out, you will gain much confidence from knowing you can now cope better

a good excuse is to say you have a migrane and the tablet is for it
Thanks for that tip hry33, I remember you saying it was ok to disolve it under the tongue but I never knew why. Now I will not swallow for awhile, before I just let it half disolve and then had water.

I too never tell anyone but family etc about my panic attacks, my excuse is my blood pressure which has been recorded by my doctor at 210/137 and I have the letter to prove it. :eek:
I had no idea you could dissolve klonopin under your tongue. I guess I never thought of it because it's fairly fast acting. Thanks so much!
Thanks for that info! I know that ativan comes in a sublingual form, but from your post I gather than it would work, even with a regular pill? Would there be any problems with the dose, eg. you are getting more of the drug quicker by bypassing the stomach. I'm wondering if that would make a difference or not.
:) I used to be on Klonipan but my doctor switched me to Lorazapan (sp?) (.5mg)DOes anyone know the difference?? Can I dissolve this under my tongue?
yes any benzo can be, not just those designed for this use
some have a strange taste, some are bitter, to encourage children to spit them out
the taste can be used to advantage to distract you from the panic :jester:

see sublingually on the net

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