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I am new to this forum. The reason for joining is because I believe I may have schizophrenia. On Easter Sunday is when the first attack happened. I was eating dinner with the family and all the sudden I feel I may have suffered a panic attack. I started sweating, breathing heavy, and thought I was going crazy. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and patted water on my face to try to snap out of it. The attack was the first time I felt disconnected from reality. I then had the feeling that maybe someone put something in my drink to make me feel this way, however I knew this would not have happened and it had to be me. I got home and I did not leave for 2-3 days because I was scared it might happen again. That feeling of losing touch with reality scared me to death. I then was able to go back to work. About a month later it happened again. I was sitting at desk and the sensation took over my body again. I knew it was a panic attack and I was afraid I would make a fool of myself. I stayed through it but it seemed like the attack would not go away. I kept losing touch with reality. I was thinking thoughts that I knew were not real and would never happen. I did not leave home again for 3 days and I went to the doctor and told him some of my symptoms. I did not tell him I felt like I was nuts because I was scared. I was good for another month after that attack and it happened again. The sense of unreality rushed through me. Terrible thoughts kept coming into my head and I did not believe them. I feel like I am goin absolutely crazy and I am scared. I have not heard voices nor have I hallucinated. I do feel I have the delusions and the fact I keep hiding from society. I have been unable to eat properly due to whats been going on. I just feel so scared and alone. I do not want the delusions to come back. I feel it may be just my imagination but I am not sure. Last night when I tried to fall asleep delusions kept racing through my mind. I felt like I wanted to act upon them but I knew they were out of reality crazy thoughts. I dunno if it was my imagination, or a dream. When I opened my eyes when I had these delusions I felt better and more protected. The fact that I have had the delusions scared me. I have not told anybody what is going on. I still have not eaten and this morning I dry heaved because I was so scared. I do not ever want to lose touch with reality again. I feel I have control sometimes but I am afraid I will lose it.
The thoughts I have had sometimes seem they can be real but I know for a fact that they are not. Is the first signs of schizophrenia??? I have been online constantly for the past 2 days and it seems I am leaning more and more towards the symptoms of schizophrenia. The more I read about it the more it scares me.
I am returning to the doctor tom.
What should I tell him??

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