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I always get a flushed face, combined with freezing cold hands, but when I get a particular bad one (*cough*today*cough*), my whole body gets flushed as you said, and my face actually burns. I, too, always have to go to the bathroom- my panic attacks do keep me regular, I'll give them that... :p That's really the only good thing about them. Today, what got me through mine was prayer and a Klonopin because I knew it was going to be a long one, since something happened that I perceived to be "bad," and my parents were out, and I had to wait an hour-and-a-half for my mother to come home so I could confess. I used to be like that every single day when my OCD was at its worst when I was 12, and I'd get a panic attack to the magnitude I had today each time I had an obsession until I confessed. I'm still shaken, and I probably will be all day, but at least the Klonopin put me to sleep for an hour after it calmed me, so I didn't have to think and worry. I don't know what I'd do without my Klonopin for times like that, and to think I lived 15 years without it... :rolleyes: I realize that, since I don't have panic disorder, and thus, I don't get unexpected, "out-of-the-blue" panic attacks, that I don't know one is "coming on" as others said. Mine just start up due to a situation. For me, the symptoms all are there at once, the abdominal cramping, increased heartrate, and smothering sensation/hyperventilation. When I'm really bad, like today, I get that hot flash that comes and goes like the ebbing of the tide with my cramping. It constricts, and then releases, but it runs through me like electricity. For me, the fear that I have to talk to myself is something OCD-related or a phobia, but I don't have the fear of going crazy, or think that I'm having a heart attack. When possible, I just curl up in my bed in a fetal position, facing the wall. It comforts me...

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