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Please help me...
Aug 12, 2006
Hello All,

Perhaps one of you can try and help me figure out what is going on. I will explain a brief history of my problems first.

Going back 5 years ago, my blood test showed high cholesterol levels, liver enzymes, fatty liver....I was adopted so without knowing my hereditary background my doctor scheduled a barrage of test to find out why I had pains in my stomach. I did ultrasounds, A CT abdominal scan and nothing.

2 Years ago I left my job for a better paying one, unfortunately the environment I was getting into was allot more stressful. I am a hard worker and watching people get by without doing work because they have been ( Chosen) irritated me. Either way I left that alone and just continued to work. Every Friday afternoon the axe would fall and our CEO would fire people to reduce costs. This would make me very stressed.

A year ago the night before pulling my wisdom teeth , I was sitting on my couch and felt this immense pain in my right chest, I also felt like someone had tied a elastic really tight around my arm. I rushed to the hospital and they did a EKG (For heart attacks) and it came out negative. Finally the doctor at the emergency said it was probably anxiety attacks and the pain would go away.

The next day I saw my doctor and he redid a EKG just to make sure with a specialist, we also discussed my life (Work etc...) At this point I had still some belly pains, feeling like someone was squeezing my stomach. Eventually my doctor gave me some Nexium to sooth the pain. This didn't really help.

I was also very depressed at this stage and he prescribed Wellbutrin as a antidepressant. My confidence started to increase and suddenly one Friday I was called in to the CEO office. I fought for my job and he had told me he respected me for doing so.

At this point all was beautiful, I was getting back in shape, I was playing Ball hockey, baseball... and Life was great, I was breathing a new life.
During Hockey one bad thing happened I fell on my shoulder and tore a muscle while getting a hairline fracture. I was prescribed pain killers NAPROX to help with the pain. This went on for 5 repeats ( TO lazy to go for Ultrasound to see were tear is and Psyio)

Well this week was HORROR FOR ME!
After having the best 3 days (Sales numbers after coming back from vacation), people were complimenting me and calling me the BOOKER!!!
At this point after coming back from lunch (PIZZA and Fries), I sat at my desk and that's when it hit me.

I started having this immense pain in my right chest going straight down to my leg. I was completely numb, nauseated and I felt like I was having a heart attack. I called my doctor and he said I was going through another panic attack to relax and if continues to go to Hospital. I rushed to the emergency, when I got there there was a huge line-up so they did a EKG once more and the nurse told me it looked fine. I decided not to stay and go to my regular doctor.

I didn't understand what was happening, life was great saes were booming. My doctor then said it was the mix of the Naprox and my Wellbutrin that triggered this. Since then I have stopped the Naprox and will be doing Psyio starting Wed. Unfortunately the pain in my right chest still remains.

Now I get jolts of electricity once every 45 minutes or so, its really weird, sometimes in the chest, the head, my leg. I got one driving today and I freaked, straight in my knee, I pulled over and let it go.

Apart from the pain in my left arm that I had injured, my right side of my body is killing me. What can this be, am I having constant Anxiety attacks, am I getting heart attacks...

Please help...

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