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I had a panic attack once after I had a v serious car accident .BUt i came out of it Just by forgetting about the panic attack .If u think that you are having and u can continue to have panic attacks .u definitely will .Just relax and think u r a normal human being .If u have had them 2-3 times doesnt mean u will have them for the rest of ur life .Did u ever have a care accident .y do u have more panic attacks during driving ?is there something related to driving in ur subconscious ?I found some help on the web .May b this will help if mental relaxation wont help
Almost everybody in the USA is deficient in magnesium. There are reports of magnesium being helpful in reducing panic attacks. It is cheap and worth a try--up to about 800 mg/day of elemental magnesium
Thank you so much for posting boxerlover.
I used to have really really bad panic attacks about 5 years ago.
They came on for no reason at all just one day I left the house like I normally do to run some errands and I freaked out and panicked and thought I was going to die right in the middle of the grocery store.
I couldn't breathe, felt like I was going to pass out and had to get home.
As soon as I was in the front door of my home I started to calm down and within half an hour I was fine again.
But every time I tried to get in the car to go somewhere they came back.
I got a hold of a mobile outreach program that one of the hospitals in my area had that the counselors come to your home to talk with you and bring you meds.
They started me on Paxil and I took that for about a month and slowly weaned myself off of them and the panic attacks went away for about a year.
They came back a year later and lasted about another six months after a serious car accident.
Well I haven't had a panic attack since and thats been like I said about five years ago.
Its just this time my breathing is different. Before when I had panic attacks my breathing would speed up and I would hyperventilate making myself almost pass out but this time is really really different.
I really really can't breathe. It was as if I was sucking in nothing but hot air and I wasn't anxious about driving and felt fine just driving along listening to the radio. It helped me calm down when I rolled down the window in the car and let the cool air get in. Do you feel that way too when you get short of breath from a panic attack that you really can't breath its almost like holding your breath or someone is squeezing your windpipe and your trying to breath in at the same time?
Now since that has happened I can feel my chest and behind my shoulder blades especially tighten up and I get short of breath for a moment.
Even just lying in bed at home tonight watching tv I got that feeling for a few minutes but didn't have a panic attack.

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