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Hi. Where does one start? I went though two retrenchments - 1998 and 2001. The latter one was a doozie hitting me for a six - hence extreme depression and anxiety. I initially went onto Luvox and my psychiatrist said we had to go on the highest dosage in the shortest time. This I did over a number of weeks - getting up to 300mg pd. After a couple of months on this I became very very aggitated, extremely anxious to the point that I had to get off the tablets, as I had to get out of my body - the extreme sensations were such that I was going to jump.

I went off Luvox over a number of weeks but during the time I was last taking Luvox and up till now I have an extremely debilitating panic attack type symptoms, buzzing, electricity, rumbling in my torso 24/7, ranging about 35% to 45% intensity - 100% being extreme. I then went on the merry-go-round of anti-depressants for 2 years then Ativan and Zanax for 2 years. The medications subdued slightly the sensations, and I did sleep to a certain extent 0 - 50% of the time, but the side effects especially of Ativan and Zanax were revolting - which I did not realise at first. I went off all medication in December 2005 and found that Blackmore's "Bio Magnesium" - calcium & magnesium helped considerably me to sleep, initially.

Now sleeping is virtually non existent, extremely tired all day; breathing heavily not quickly all day; bouts of depression; and in my torso and face electricity, buzzing, rumbling feeling and panic type symptoms are 24/7 especially in the morning waking up, very hot waking up, and extremely revolting. The time around sleeping at night and resting on the couch during the day are by far the worst time, hence I have to do something to reduce symptoms.

I appear to be in panic mode all the time - flight and fight sensation constantly. It is extremely difficult to do anything but I do work 3-4 hours per day. I find that walking assists but when I try to rest or sleep the sensations are yuko, revolting

I have had my heart checked, and its OK, been to a nurologists and appears OK.

Has anyone experienced these sensations or similar? Can anyone offer suggestions of help?



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