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I just spoke with my doc - I wanted additional information on Prozac. He said that the makers of Prozac a while back were marketing Prozac under a different name for PMS sufferers. How about that. He said it really is one of the best meds out there for that and also if you tend to be tired. See the Celexa I was on kind of gets you in a mellow mood where this one will give you the pick up of energy.

Also, he mentioned that some people are sensitive to the binding method that secures vitamins to stay together in a pill. He want me off my pills and just eat more veggies and fruit (which I do anyway).

I also spoke to him about the fog that I am in constantly and he said it is your body and mind fighting something. Like us being worried all of the time of panic and anxiety. We may not get the attacks anymore but our minds are trained now to be in a protective state. He also said it is sometimes caused by depression. So, I think if we just keep practicing the method I am hopeing the fog will lift.

I am going to read the Linden Method again tonight and I will write back.

No, I never tried the light. I think I should try that.

Boston isn't the most uplifting place to live. And you?

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