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Of course I think that. But trying to blame your anxiety on one thing is foolish.

Sometimes I get to thinking maybe my husband gave me panic disorder and a divorce is the only way I will truly be happy. But then when I think about it in a [I]rational[/I] light, I remember the reality. All within the same four month time frame three years ago, not only did I get engaged but I also went back to school, decided to move to a city 200 miles away, became a vegetarian, and my dad was terribly disfigured and almost killed in a car accident.

And after I think about all that, I realize that the notion of my husband being solely responsible for me developing panic disorder is completely ridiculous.

My therapist also pointed out that I've been having the symptoms of panic disorder my whole life, even if my panic attacks didn't become frequent until a serious of unfortunate events made them surface.

In stress inventory tests, getting married was ranked the second most stressful thing that a person will ever go through in their life. It's second only to the death of a loved one. Does this mean that getting married is a bad idea? Does it negate the love and the relationship you have with the person you find so incredible that you want to spend the rest of your earthly life with them? Of course not.

Panic disorder is a [I]disorder[/I]. It's not something that you should make decisions based on. You should think the best you can and make the decisions you best know how. You should follow your heart, no matter what trials and hard times it brings you through.

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