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:eek: I get this weird sensation on and off-it's mild feeling. But it feels like around my mouth(below my lips)-my lower cheeks-and upper neck get tingly-numblike. I can feel the skin but it just feels less than it usually does. I know this might sound confusion but I'm trying my best to explain it. I have been on Zoloft for 3 years for Panic/Anxiety/Depression and I also have Klonopin that I take as needed. That ranges anywhere from 3 times a week to once every two weeks. I read somewhere that benzo's can do this. I've recently had a MRI fro other symptoms so I'm pretty confident it's not MS or anything of that nature. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you and God Bless,
If your doctor is aware of it - and your MRI came back OK then...

Anxiety can cause tingling in your face as well as arms, legs etc. Try to ignore it - it is scary - but so is anxiety!
This same exact thing happened to me earlier today. I was tingling on my left cheek, and it lasted for about 20 minutes. I have never had an MRI, but I think I may get one soon. Of course it is probably the anxiety, and mine has been skyhigh lately!
Im taking speech class right now in college (perfect timing to get a panic disorder) and as I was giving my intro speech my Face and arms were completly numb, I was pretty anxious giving my speech so im sure that was the cause of it.
its the anxiety/panic. I have this on and off all the time-right now actually.
Hi all,
been on other boards here in the past...i have new symptoms so maybe you can help for 2 days now i have tingly feeling in both cheeks and under my bottom lip, also in both hands, but not at the same time and sometimes in legs. I have controlled panic attacks, have been on valium for 2 years now to take as needed, i was recently sick with a bad cold so took benedryl for awhile, started back on my valium night before last, i only take them at bedtime, and woke up yesterday like this, and again today. could i be having panic attacks? i know when i was having them full force i thought i was dying, but never had this "bug crawly" feeling.

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