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Hey, Beth, I know a little about anxiety and depression in my life. I have had depression since I was a teenager, most of it was hormonal and also maybe situational. It has continued as I am 31 now. I know most of my anxiety comes from my marriage, and depression comes from not feeling good, and being in pain due to health stuff.

My husband has dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for years. It started about 7 years ago. At the time, the panic attacks would hit him and he would think it was a heart attack and go to ER. We have been to the ER over the last 2 years at least 25 times. Sometimes 2-3 times per week. The would run all the tests and no heart attack. Then it became cancer, he had every test under the sun. He was 100% sure he was full of cancer and was going to die. It was so hard, when it got bad we had a 2 1/2 year old and I was pregnant with our second son. Sometimes I could not go with him to the ER, I needed to stay home with our children. I now feel guilty, and he faults me for being asleep when he came home and not being awake waiting. I just got so used to him going to the ER and the same diagnoses, I knew what was going to happen. To this day, he suffers from panic attacks and takes meds to calm him down. But he has realized it is anxiety, not heart attack. Everyday though, he still asks me if this pain in his chest is a heart attack or this mole is cancer. My husband is a successful business man with 80 employees, and thank goodness he has good help, because when it was bad he was not at work much.

My husband has changed his life, he used to gamble, drink, chew tobacco, and swear like a pirate. He has turned to the lord, and he gave him the strengh to stop all of that. He is a born again christian and goes to church 3 times a week. I know that with the lord in his life it has helped him be a better person, father and husband. The boys and I just joined him in church 2 weeks ago, and we go on Sundays. We all love it. I am not saying it would work for you or anybody, but it changed my husband completely. It has been hard for me, I am not saved, and I am trying to learn and catch up. My husband goes to him for strength and help. At first, I was very scared, and I felt he was going from one extreme to another. I saw though that my husband was at the bottom, and he needed help. He does not believe in therapists, or antidepressants. He does take a as needed med to help with anxiety and panic attacks.

I hope by telling you about our lives it might help you to know you are not alone. I am just trying to paddle my way through the day, and take care of my children, and stay positive. You are lucky you have family, and frends who support you who just want you to feel good and comfortable. I have my sister, and 1 friend, and here on the healthboards. My husband does not understand chronic pain, and is not too helpful or supportive of my feeling better and pain less. He wants his wife back, but attributes me not looking good, or gaining weight, or lack of energy, or the house not being clean enough to the meds I am prescribed rather than my pain and not feeling good. It is so hard. I wish you my blessings and you keep your head up. You wrote in here and it is a great place to get support. Please, if you can write me back, and tell me how you are doing.


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