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im fed up of this feeling i feel like im just waiting to die all the time i don't feel the same person anymore and when i ring an abmbulunce or the doctors they just refer me to physcolagists but this don't seem to work i now think i have a brain tumour , have recently been having blood tests and it have come back that i have a low blood count which has scared me evan more , i cant do the things i use to i cant be the same person i always feel like im going to die all the time and im fed up of doctors telling me its in my head when they aint evan checked me over propley this is a horrible feelingg, and i cant stand living like this i feel so confuzzed and annoyeddd my life cudnt get any worst what a horrible feeeling never thought like would be thi cruel EVER! someone help me if they feel the same because i feel like im going through this on my own thanks so much
your def. not the only person that goes through those feelings.
i always find it helpful to read these boards and see that other people are going though what im going through.

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