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Help Me 24/7 Panic
Jul 26, 2009
hey guys, my life was perfect before i was 15 and since then its gotten out of hand. when i was 15 my father had a heart attack and i basically watched the whole thing (hes completely fine and it was brought on by smoking and stress). the next morning i woke up and my heart was racing as fast as it possibly could, i honestly didnt know what to do. so i lied down and tried to calm myself down and it eventually went away. about a week later i was in my friends car and i felt like i was going to die, my heart started racing, i got really dizzy and basically lost control of my whole body. i literally FLUNG myself out of the car and onto some guys lawn gasping for air. anyways, im almost 19 now and my attacks have changed dramatically. now i get dizzy, my left arm goes numb, my face and lip goes numb, and i get chest pain and can't breathe. i've had many ekgs, a stress test, ultrasound, wore a heart monitor and got lots and lots of blood tests. all came back completely normal and i know im fine, but my body keeps telling me otherwise. the only thing they found was that my heart skipped a beat and they told me it was fine. the fear of a heart attack is always in my mind and i cant even enjoy my young life. i was given .25 of xanax to take when i have an anxiety attack and it works, but i feel like its not enough. i also get panic attacks when i see an ambulance, see hospital signs, or hear the word heart attack. is there anything i can do to get this stupid thing out of my mind and body. thanks so much and sorry for writing so much!:(

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