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Thank you all for your advice. Now if I could just get all of you to come with me tomorrow morning to the doctor, that would be wonderful. Realistically though, I will just have to somehow get through it. I don't know if I can take Xanax after being on Valium for so many years. The most I take would be 2-4mg. a day, some days I don't take anything at all. I know it is addictive, and if I am given something new, I would have to be slowly weaned off the Valium. Is Xanax considered in the benzo family?

My head feels like a balloon from the panic attacks last night and my body just trembles from the surges of adrenaline that came with them. I feel like I have run a marathon I am so tired. For whatever it is worth, the divorce? Well that is the result of years of living with someone who is a emotional loose My ex tried for so many, many years..considering how men usually are with these types of issues, he really tried. So many good jobs he couldn't take because the hours weren't good for me.
So many trips and plans cancelled at the last minute because of my anxiety and panic/agoraphobia. So many middle of the night trips to the e.r. convinced I was dying and more of the same. If anyone thinks having panic disorder is a bunch of ---- or excuse for who knows what, they are so wrong. It destroys lives and relationships.

Anyway, thank you for being here for are terrific for and to each other. I was lucky to find you here...Karima

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