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Hey Aster, Not sure what you mean by 'serious action,' do you wish to elaborate?
I do know the Gro Mkt/Agoraphobia thing. I DID go running out, ONCE. I pray that never happens again! As far as 'doing' anything more...I think I'm doing all I know to do, for me, right now.
I don't know if this will be of any use to you Aster, but I recently bought two books by Dr Claire Weekes entitled "Hope And Help For Your Nerves," the other, "Peace From Nervous Suffering." They are both wonderful books and very enlightening. They were only $6.99 each U.S. I can't recommend either - over the other, they are equally informative. She describes all of your symptoms and then informs you how to help yourself into self recovery. I really can't praise these books enough.
I also ordered the "Attacking Anxiety & Depression," ($370.00 US),it is a comprehensive, cognitive behavioral-based solution fostering strength, character and self-empowerment course.
It has been very good for me, (especially since I have had a good deal of problems w/anger mgmt, now seems to be under control).
I'm not one to "sit on my hands" and do nothing when I have information set before me, and it's mine for the taking. I am desperately seeking help for recovery...I may never totally recover - but I will die trying!
Hope I've shed some light for you.
Please get Dr. Claire Weekes books!!Twenty years ago I had severe panic attacks which turned into agoraphobia. I couldn't leave my house..I couldn't even go out on my front porch to get the mail. I thought I was going crazy. I suffered like that for "4" years! Then one day I called the mental health clinic and told them to come and get me because I was crazy. (No Lie) They put a doctor on the phone who explained that I had severe panic and agoraphobia and he told me I was NOT crazy. He prescribed imipirine and xanax. Well, once I knew what I was going through had a name, I began to read everything I could find on the subject. Family members were running to the library getting me books..then I purchased Dr. Claire Weekes books, they are wonderful. As a matter of fact I still, to this day, carry her books in my glove box. Every once in awhile when I am feeling anxious, I read acouple of the symptoms paragraphs and I'm fine. I never did take the pills the Dr. prescribed ( I don't even like to take an aspirin). After reading her books, I went on my front porch for the first time in 4 years!!! In a few days, I was back to myself again. I have to say I wouldn't wish agoraphobia on my worst enemy..its a terrible thing to go through but remember are NOT alone and there is help. please read her have nothing to lose except your panic/agoraphobia. If only I knew what it was when I had my first panic attack 20 years ago. Take care and keep us posted.

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