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Hi Tamsin..if after reading Dr. Claire Weekes books...after having heart tests done and you still have that little bit of doubt..then you have not learned to ACCEPT yet. Give yourself more time to learn to accept and those doubts will vanish. Her books are wonderful! :)
Hi Tasmin

I love Dr Claire Weekes books she explains everything so clearly and takes away all the bewilderment about what has happened to us. I agree with the others though in that you must ACCEPT that you are OTHERWISE ok. The only way to move forward is to be checked out that you dont have anything (seriously) wrong with you and you have done that several times. You could go on forever getting second, third, fourth, etc opinions you have to LEARN to draw the line and move on. Because of the physical symptoms I had I thought I had MS this is apparantly the most common illness that us people with anxiety think they have, this is followed closely by heart problems. When I heard that it made me feel better that I knew I had the symptoms and they were not in my mind, I wasnt going crazy....they were real but caused (thankfully) by something else.
Hey Tasmin to coin a phrase "Let more time pass" and accept.

I dont have any physical symptoms now, except a little twitching when I know something is stressing me out. I had all sorts of symptoms before, I do have to say though I needed medication to make me better, I didnt find Dr Weekes until I was well on the road to recovery. I now use her to keep me on the straight and narrow and it REALLY works.

Good luck
Lizzy XX

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