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You fit my MO perfectly! LOL

First of all, see the cardiologist--I wasn't ready to admit that I had a healthy heart until I had all the tests done (if you can get a sress-echo, it's pretty definitive and may help you to convince yourself that you won't die EVEN if you are exercising to your heart's mamimum potential).

Secondly, read one of all of Claire Weekes' books. Simply put, they are MANDATORY reading for anyone experiencing panic. If after you read one of her books, and it does not help you, you can come back to this message board and personally cuss me out.

Third, have some Xanax on hand for the "hum-dingers". I've always felt less pressure to manage panic (a fatal thought process) when I know that if it gets out of hand, I can take something and get immediate relief.

Good luck and let us know!

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