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Does anyone experience really bad panic attacks and just all over anxiety during pms? It's getting real bad lately and my doctor put me on a new birth control thinking that might help, but it doesn't seem to work yet? I get sooooo shaky and then my mind starts wondering if there's something wrong, I am afraid I might have a convusion or this normal and what can I do???? Please help!!!!and send suggestions, much appreciated!! ~JEnn
I haven't noticed a relationship between anxiety and pms, but I just wanted to let you know that I have been going through major anxiety/panic attacks lately, too. You are not alone. I don't know what causes my anxiety and panic attacks, but going out anywhere or thinking about going out gives me them. I was on birth control pills for 18 years and had my tubes tied in July. My anxiety and panic has defintely been peaking ever since. Maybe there is a relationship there, I don't know. I just wish there was a magic pill to make them go away.

In alot of people PMS can heighten things up to 10 times as much, this includes moods, headaches, muscle cramps and of course, anxiety. So if you're one of them, like me, then it's normal for it to affect panic attacks. :)
Am I ever glad you posted JenniferLynn! I have the same problem! I have panic disorder and over the past two years noticed that the only times I have an episode is during PMS. I talked to my doctor about it and the moron said I was, get this, crazy. Needless to say, I don't see him anymore. I have charted my attacks and sure enough, they are within the week before I start. If I don't have an attack, my PMS is HORRIBLE! So bad that not only do I want to beat everyone around me, but myself as well. ;) I have learned how to get through my attacks though without having to take my meds. Big bonus. I guess one bright spot is that we know in a "week or two" it'll be over for awhile. Keep your chin up. :wave
Hi Jenn. I am 34 and I have had panick attacks since the age of 15. I have lived with them and have been given so many medications and nothing worked... 2 yrs ago my dog had me make a journal of my diet, exercise (or lack there of!), sleeping patterns and my cycle for 3 months. 15 minutes of her looking through it she realized I have PMDD. She offered meds including birth control in which I refused. I have found taking over the counter Estroven has reduced most of my symptoms. It has soy and cohosh and all kinds of things that just naturally balance your hormones. I'm not 100% but it helps considerably and just the fact knowing my diagnosis helped me so I can calm myself down durring an attack or pep myself up if I feel drained. Best of luck to you!!!

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