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For me, Dr. Claire Weekes is an angel. I have been dealing with anxiety and panick for most of my life. Over the past 2 years, I had grown agoraphobic, and avoided doing much of anything social. I started taking all of my college courses online, as sitting in a classroom was impossible. I couldn't go see my therapist, stand in line at a bank, go into a store, world was getting smaller and smaller and some days I couldn't even leave my house. I was so consumed with panic, that even driving was becoming unbarable. I would just sit in my room and cry...feeling completely helpless.

A friend bought be "Hope and Help for your Nerves". This was 4 days ago. I read the first 48 pages, and I kid you not, my agoraphobia was GONE. Just like that. Using Claire's insanely simple techniques, I even went to a sold out concert last night, and was fine! While her books might not be a cure-all for everyone, I HIGHLY recommend giving them a shot. Her writing clicked with me, and my life is now completely different.

I always thought of my anxiety as a whole feeling.......never realizing that in fact it was A)nervous feelings, and B)my reaction to the feelings. That simple formula, plus keeping myself calm and loose when some nervous feelings come, have kept me from having any anxiety attacks. At the concert last night, some anxiety certainly came. My hands got a little sweaty, my throat tightened, and I started to feel a little trapped. Normally in this situation, I'd run for the door, and make a whole big deal out of it and promise myself I would never go to a concert again. Instead, I simply agknowledged the nervous feelings, let them be there, with the understanding that they were not life threatening, they were temporary, and that I could continue doing what I was doing even with them there. By doing this, you keep your level of adrenaline down.

For me, that is the trick. I was always on high alert.....meaning my adrenaline was flowing like crazy constantly. So, when a little panic would surface, it would almost blow up. I've now learned to keep the adrenaline out of the picture....and now my nervous feelings are simply that......nervous feelings. The panic is gone. The fear of having an attack is gone. By letting the nervous feelings be there, and by controlling the adrenaline, I have complete control over my anxiety. And now, as I become more and more desensitized to situations I had been avoiding for years, the nervous feelings will continue to be smaller and smaller.

I'm rambling.............but to answer the initial question, my agoraphobia was cured by Clare Weekes, in about 2 reading 48 pages of one of her books. Sounds crazy I know.....and the book only cost my friend $6.99.

Give it a shot! Changing the way you think is very simple if you let yourself do it. I literally went from not wanting to leave my house, to being cured.......from 48 pages.

If Dr. Clare Weekes was still alive....and doing informercials....I'd RUSH to be a part of it! :)

Seriously though.......nothing is a cure-all for everyone. But reading any of her work, will certainly help in some way. I only wish that the therapists I've seen over the last 20 years had mentioned Clare Weekes.

If anyone wants more info on the way her techniques changed me immeidately, I would be more then happy to talk with you. It's almost become my life's purpose make sure everyone who sufferes with anxiety and panic has heard of my angel. And to steal a cliche comment from infomercials..."If I can do it, you can do it." Yes I hear that on TV and are like, "Whatever!" But I seriously have NO MORE AGORAPHOBIA! None. I can't wait to see what happens from reading the rest of the book.

Take care, and remember to breathe...and as Claire Weekes says it...remember to float.


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