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Ive been taking Beta Blockers for the past 8/9 months (since i started having panic attacks)....

They are given out mainly to slow the Heart down, which as you probaly know feels like its bursting out of your chest during an attack..

In england its known that top snooker players used to take them to "steady" their nerves before tournaments.
but i wouldnt say they help panic attacks in any big way.

Id stop mine tomorrow if i could, but you have to come off them over a doctor told me they DID NOT affect the working of the brain/mind...but the inside leaflet says you can "have moodswings & depression"? so work that one out!

im just seeing my panic attacks/anxiety through and i feel depressed some of the this is due to me going back to a normal state & the beta blockers making me feel depressed or wether its just the anxiety still there i no not...

Apparently BB are also used for angina & people recovering from heart attacks.

i whole heartedly reccomend reading Claire Weekes books over & over & helped me immensely. (you learn something every time)

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