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Nancy, RN :)

Did you eventually figure out what stressors were causing this out of the blue panic for you?

Is it EVER chemical? I know women who've been in perimenopause and it minics panic attacks if you don't know what is actually happening. Happened to my best friend in her EARLY thirties. Told she had classic panic and was "treated" for that, and after menopause was long done, she now *does* have anxiety and panic attacks because of having those awful feelings for so long!

Mine has kicked in more fierce than any I've had in the past, and they last WAY longer since my mom died in March 2002 and really hit the limit when I had a breast cancer scare in October. I cannot control them, breath through them, am trying Prozac, as my psychiartrist says ALL the SSRI's work on social anxiety, panic, etc. etc. etc. but they've all not done studies so they cannot advertise for all the different things like Zoloft can. Zoloft took the time to do all the different studies and now they advertise for all the variants of anxiety like you see on the TV commercials.

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