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Re: Feeling unreal
Mar 25, 2003
i think we must all go through the same stages..

This stage freaked me out at the time..cos it lasts for quite a while..yet it didnt make me have a panic attack as such..just a really freaky strange feeling.

For instance id touch my hand but although i knew i was doing it, it just didnt seem like my hand! or that i was actually doing it.

walking anywhere was like being in another world.

it was kinda like daydreaming..but more menacing!
i remember looking at a few of the ornaments in my house during this time & thinking how horrible they were & how sick they made me feel in my stomach..

Now, i know how this must seems mad! and had i not known about panic & stress through reading & re-reading books i too would have had myself sectioned by now!
..... but apparently its quite normal during recovery from panic...thank god!

ive said it before,but knowledge & understanding on what we suffer is the best medicine....

i cant remember the amount of times ive gone back to Claire Weekes books and re-read something & realised how much that part of the book means to me NOW...because id read it before, but not REALLY read it..if you know what i mean.

take care all

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