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I suffered from panic attacks associated with a car accident I had last year. Two months after the accident I checked myself in the hospital because I could not stand the depression, anxiety, etc. I was put on Remeron for the depression and Paxil for the anxiety. It helped for a little while then out of the blue my panic attacks started happening whenever I was in a car, even if I wasn't driving. It got so bad, I was almost agoraphobic (affraid to leave my house). My doctor finally put me on a low dose of klonopin which I take very sparingly and very carefully because it can be habit forming, but I am so thrilled to drive again. I still don't like to drive at night and I haven't gone far (about a 10 mile radius of my house) but I least I can do what I have to do for my family.

Don't be afraid of meds. Some people do feel slightly sedated the first week or less, but that does go away, especially if its the right med for you, you will have relief from panic attacks and the anxiety of when the next one will come.

Good luck and God Bless. Lilly

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