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Before trying medications and their unlimited negative side effects, you might try altering your diet to eliminate panic/anxiety. My panic counselor said it this way: "Don't eat anything you wouldn't feed a 3-year-old child". This means no caffeine, refined sugar, recreational drugs, alcohol, nicoteine, MSG, nitrites (lunch meats, hot dogs, bacon) and Equal (non-nutritiative sweetener) (all of these can cause panic/anxiety or make symptoms worse).
I know this seems like a huge undertaking, especially for those of us addicted to coffee or sodas or nicoteine(sp?). For me these guidelines (along with diaphramatic breathing tecniques (available on web)) helped eliminate my panic attacks.
I actually always ate pretty good, it was what I was drinking that created the problems: i.e., alcohol, coffee, sodas (even caffeine/sugar free sodas can cause problems because of the sweeteners used). All your body needs to drink is water! I went on a regiminen of eating better and drinking only water (sparkling for fun!) and my sympoms got 90% better. (Of course, I had a few days of sugar/caffeine withdrawls: headache, fatigue,grouchiness etc....These symptoms can mimick those of panic attacks.)
Remember, even one cup of decaf (contains caffeine) or a piece of chocolate can trigger an attack.
Good Luck.
Of course, always consult a doctor before beginning any regimine, etc., etc. Some people may still need medication.
(Although most doctors would much rather give you a pill than get at the underlying reasons you are having problems with anxiety/panic. And, from what I hear, most doctors have next to zero training in nutrition.)

I just find it amusing when people say, "I've tried everything and nothing works!", yet they are unwilling to try giving up coffee or sodas which are proven triggers...............

People with anxiety/panic are extremely sensitive. Not just emotionally, but also physically. They need to take care of themselves more than most.
Once again, good luck!!!!
I know old habits are hard to break, but it's worth a try. Also, if you're on any medication, don't stop taking it without consulting a doctor. Many have horrible withdrawal symptoms.

P.S./F.Y.I.: Eating better/exercising can have an added benefit of weight loss. During weight loss, however, many toxins that were stored in your fat cells will be released which may temporarily increase panic/anxiety. Deep breathing techniques can help this.

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