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May 17, 2003
Basically my situation is that I have been dealing with cronic paranoia for approx. seven years.If the paranoia isnt problematic at any particular moment, I am then having minor panic attacks which I have acustomed myself to function around.I am 27,in a pretty healthy relationship,I have a great 7 year old daughter,I am a full time student and work a full time job,I eat pretty well,exercise,I am drug-free,lead a fairly normal primary doctor excused my issues with day to day stressors and has thrown-paxil,zoloft,valium,etc. at me which I have in-fact taken like clockwork as prescribed.Is there anyone else out there like me?........any suggestions or help? I have spoken with counselors,friends,family and doctors and it has now gotten to the point of mere embarressment even mentioning paranoia......I had a pretty difficult past in regards to drug abuse....I was not a casual user,it was my life for six years but I have been clean and sober and coherant for sooooo long!!!! is this just the aftermath of drug abuse or just my past haunting me(paranoid statement).....alright hopefully someone can dissect my ramblings and possibly offer some advice... :)

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