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Hi everyone,
I dont do this very often,but I was teary eyed all day today.Things are a bit rough around the ol homeplace,Im stressed,tense,constantly Anxious and on the verge of Panic 24/7.I have Generalized Anxiety on top of Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia.

I lost my Mother the end of January so Ive been at my dad's ever since.Im the only child and dad's health isnt well.I never have time for me,I get up early every morning,I cook,clean and am a slave to him day in and day out.

I havent left his house since my Mother died.Im tired of living like this and want to change it,but am SO SO scared.I want to finish school however am broke as Jobs turkey.Im unhappy living in this area but since Mother died I dont know how my dad is going to cope if I leave.

Dad has always depended on me,grandma or Mom to do everything for him and now theres only me.Im not taking the right Meds to function properly.

I had a horrific experience with a doctor I saw in January and am terrified of getting in the vehicle to go see another doctor or waiting for my appointment.

I feel Im up"spit creek without a paddle."I not only need to see a doctor for Panic/Anxiety,I need to see a Dentist,have my yearly femaly checkups etc..

What am I going to do??

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