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Hello everyone..
This is my first post on this board so I'll try to explain my situation. I was in 10th grade and had a panic attack in the middle of fieldhockey practice out of nowhere. We were being punished and running endless sprints, I was in unbelievable shape though and I was running great. All of a sudden I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe properly for the next few days, and it was so bad one night I was keeled over trying to breathe. I went to the ER, and of course everything was fine. "You have panic/anxiety disorder" Blah. So now my life has not been the same. I quit basketball and all sports, I was going to go to college for free with that.. maybe WNBA! Anyway, I've had trauma in my childhood, I've done different therapy treatments regarding that, and I also went on Paxil in 10th grade. It seemed to work, I went off of it slowly and was fine for a while. It crept back in the end of my senior year. Lots of tragedies happened and now I'm back to constantly feeling short of air. I've heard it called 'air-hunger' and I'm always yawning or gasping. My chest kills from doing it and I'm always light-headed. Is it hyperventilation syndrome? I've only had 3 panic attacks in my life. I don't feel anxious, I'm just anxious about not being able to breathe, it's a vicious cycle. Just sitting down, I'm gasping until I get a satisfying breath. I've heard of breathing retraining but it's too hard, either I'm yawning or gasping, one or the other. I stopped exercising b/c its so uncomfortable and I've fallen into slumps of depression, like when I'm going to die or who's going to die next. I'm a very friendly outgoing social person, it's not social related at all. It just sucks I feel so uncomfortable all the time, like I'm dying slowly of something... I just started Paxil again a week and a half ago and I'm up to 20 mg... I hope it works this time too, Anyone else have this problem? I just want to breathe normally and not think about it! Am I going to have to go on and off Paxil my whole life just to breathe?? I've tried yoga, meditation, it's so difficult!! It exacerbates the breathing, yet somehow I sleep at night. As I wake up in the morning I feel my breathing slowly speed up... ok I'll stop now, please help!! p.s. I'm going to college this fall, i'm only 18!!

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